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The Bears Den: May 3, 2011

...where poor little Catherine is waiting.

Bears earn good grades in 2011 draft | Larry Mayer: Only time will tell how the Bears ultimately fared in the 2011 draft.

NFL Draft filled some holes, but Bears still missing big receiver - Chicago Sun-Times Sean Jensen: After the NFL draft, the Bears still have roster holes.

Lions fortify strengths, Packers feeling offensive | CSN Bears Insider John "Moon" Mullin: The Bears can expect to get close-up looks at the two top players in the 2011 draft.

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Mullin: Don't close the door on anything | View From the Moon John Mullin: "We are not shutting the door on any position".

Blowing Smoke and Dinosaurs: The Poetry of Jerry Angelo | NBC Chicago | Grizzly Detail Maggie Hendricks: Jerry Angelo had a big weekend, drafting five players for the Bears, ticking off the Ravens, and pulling off a trade to grab the player they wanted. He also spoke to the media in the way only Jerry Angelo can -- poetically.

Wrapping up the 2011 draft - NFC North Blog - ESPN Kevin Seifert: Cleaning out my notebook with the 2011 NFL draft in the books.

Draft reinforces bodyguard tackle trend - NFL - - Len Pasquarelli: The draft certainly offered the latest evidence of the importance of a position not all that long ago regarded as a grunt-type spot.

Leaf to young QBs: Don't do what I did | Bob Glauber: Cam Newton , Jake Locker , Blaine Gabbert and other newly drafted young quarterbacks need to hear a cautionary tale from another promising young passer who was anointed with similarly lofty expectations.

Titans' Chris Simms heads to trial in marijuana case - NFL - NEW YORK (AP) -- A driving-while-high case against Tennessee Titans backup quarterback Chris Simms was built out of a big misconception, his lawyer told jurors Monday.

Future far from bright for many veterans - NFL News | FOX Sports on MSN Adam Caplan: In watching the activity at the recently concluded NFL draft, it looked some teams are planning for there to be no free agency at all.

Post-draft notes | National Football Post Matt Bowen: Ingram and Bush, John Beck, the Bengals and more.

10 burning questions | National Football Post Joe Fortenbaugh: Let’s run it down.