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Tuesday Bears Trivia: Making The Rules


With the draft just behind us, it's interesting to consider the odd dance that the NFL's farming community members (the NCAA athletes) have to go through to get to that point. And it all started with Papa Bear. Follow me to the clearing at the end of the jump and we'll see just how the Patriarch of Da Bears had a hand in the rules.

Early in the NFL youngest days, the were few rules dealing with how teams could acquire players. Teams could pretty well sign whoever they could talk into a contract. That all changed int he 20's after Papa Bear signed "The Galloping Ghost" Red Grange. Halas signed Grange to a 67-day, 19-game barnstorming tour that netted Grange a reported $100K in an era when players averaged less than $100 per game.

You question for this week, my friends, is:

What long standing NFL rule did this signing lead to?

Standard rules apply. Enter your answer in the subject line and your requested topic for Monday's post, should you win, in the main body of the comment. Good luck!