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A look at Greg Olsen's Drop Percentage

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Last time I checked out the drop percentage of Earl Bennett (0.00%!), as calculated by our friends at Pro Football Focus.  They looked at all the wide outs in the NFL and Bennett was #2 overall in that category.  This time I'll look at the article they wrote about the tight end position.  Guess which tight end was second best from 2008-2010 in terms of drop percentage?  Guess who caught 160 out of 167 catchable balls?  And if we do the math that's only 7 dropped balls in 3 years.  Yes, it was the Bears very own Greg Olsen.

From the Pro Football Focus article:

That's something that can also be said of Greg Olsen (not dropping balls). He may not have lived up to the expectations of some Bears fans, but you can't fault his hands with just seven drops in three years. That puts him in great company with Jason Witten at No. 3, Heath Miller No. 5 and surefire Hall of Famer Tony Gonzalez at No. 6. Any time your name is in the mix with them, you're doing something right.

In 2010 Greg Olsen had 3 drops out of 50 catchable balls, good for 9th place with a 6.00 drop percentage.

Maybe Olsen's hands was a big reason Mike Martz used him in so many different ways in 2010.  I think has he continues to get familiar with the offense, and Martz continues to gain trust in him, his opportunities will increase.