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Catching the ball is Matt Forte's forte

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I can't believe I went with that pun.  I'm actually a little ashamed I went there, but it fits the topic at hand.  Matt Forte is one of the better pass caching running backs in the league.  Pro Football Focus did a series looking at the drop percentage of pass catchers, and we mirrored their series with a Bears slant, click here for our look at Earl Bennett and click here for our look at Greg Olsen.  In part 3 PFF focused on the running backs, so take a guess who this post is about.  I'm sure it's to nobody's surprise that Matt Forte has the 5th best drop percentage from backs since coming into the league.

Forte has 7 drops in the last 3 years, good for a 3.66 drop percentage, PFF had this to say:

Elsewhere in the Top 10, a name we haven't always written great stuff about, is Matt Forte. He had a dismal 2009, but rebounded strongly last year and has always been a reliable receiver out of the backfield. Just seven drops since entering the league gives Jay Cutler the kind of safety valve he'll continue to need without massive improvements in their offensive line.

Yes, he had a 'dismal 2009", while fighting through injuries.  His two healthy seasons he was in the upper echelon of productive backs in the NFL. 

In 2010 Forte ranked 9th best in drop percentage, with only 2 drops in 66 catchable balls for 3.03%.  When you factor in his stellar blitz pickup and his ability to split out wide, you have one of the best backs in the passing game.