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Sporting News has 100 reasons to love the NFL

With the lockout raging on The Sporting News website has listed 100 reasons to love the game.  I guess it's good to see some positivity surrounding the NFL with the labor strife seemingly having no end in sight.  After the jump I'll highlight a few of their Chicago Bears related 100 and a few others that I found interesting.

3. We love Chad Ochocinco riding rodeo steers, playing MLS, racing horses, wrangling snakes, saying anything and everything. He's your hands-down offseason MVP.

You have to admit, if good old #85 wasn't in the news, things could get pretty boring for those that cover the NFL.  Have I mentioned; Bears fans, What does Chad Ochocinco do for you?

8. We love Bears rookie linebacker J.T. Thomas for staying true to himself. The former West Virginia star escorted a wheelchair-bound teenager to her middle school dance after the 14-year-old said all the boys she had asked had turned her down.

I really hope this kid can play.  He hasn't even taken an NFL snap and I'm already rooting for him.

12. We love bold statements. Rex Ryan is once again confident the Jets will win the Super Bowl. Brian Urlacher is pumped up for the Bears to get where the rival Packers are. Even without organized football activities, the competitive juices are still flowing.

Rex Ryan making a guarantee is no longer newsworthy. 

13. We love Urlacher standing by his man, Jay Cutler, months after the loss to the Packers in the NFC title game. "If Jay could have been in there, he would have been. That's all I know. He's not a little [expletive.] He's a tough dude. He played hurt, and anyone who watches our games knows how tough he is." - Chicago Sun-Times.

Two Brian Urlacher references in a row! 

14. We love Bears vs. Packers. Three times again, please.

Followed by a 3rd Bears "love"!  This is the greatest rivalry in the NFL, more so now that both teams are actually good, and more so now that one of them are the Champs.  Green Bay winning a title has to give the Bears that little extra oomph when working out.  To be the man, you've got to beat the man...

16. We love not hearing much about Brett Favre. Remember when the future Hall of Famer used to dominate offseason headlines: "will he or won't he?" or "did he or didn't he"? We're glad that seems like distant memory while we're hearing about CBAs and stays.

I'll still won't believe he's gone till around week 3.

42. We love the rumble and excitement of the opening kickoff.

And we love it more when Devin Hester is the one returning the kicks.

47. We love highlights. Even with Sunday Ticket, you can't see every play of every game. We look forward to finally seeing that return by Devin Hester or that catch by Larry Fitzgerald.

Devin Hester, you are ridiculous!

63. We love free agency. Get on with it, Commish. Our team has a hole at cornerback and can't wait to make a pitch to Nnamdi Asomugha.

Is this guy a Bears fan?

65. We love diva wide receivers. Where will Randy Moss, T.O. and Ochocinco go?

I feel another WCG Poll coming on...

68. We love we're still talking fantasy football. Who should you draft first: Adrian Peterson or Chris Johnson? Everyone should want Aaron Rodgers.

For all your Fantasy Football needs, be sure to read WCG's own Brenden Hess!  Link will pop!

72. We love the Packers' "cheerleaders" are cheesehead gals in the stands. Fans of the Steelers, Bears, Giants, Browns and Lions have also done just fine without those attractive distractions.

The Honey Bears last appearance was the 1985 season, I'm just saying...

76. We love fight songs. "Hail to the Redskins" and "Bear Down, Chicago Bears" are two of our favorite refrains.

Bear Down my friends.

80. We love nicknames. Our new favorite is Chicago rookie offensive tackle Gabe Carimi, aka "The Bear Jew." Also, "Matty Ice" is pretty cool.

No.  Matty Ice is a Terrible nickname.  And yes, I capitalized Terrible for a reason.  Terrible!