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Competition in the NFC North: Bears Champs, but Packers have Ring

The week the Chicago Bears claimed the NFC North title in 2010 was a special week, as Bears fans had very little since the Super Bowl to be proud of. Of course, Green Bay ended up playing the spoilers in not only the NFC as a Wild Card playoff team, but ultimately held up the Lombardi Trophy after all was said and done.

The Vikings couldn't seem to get anything going under the direction of Brad Childress, but the promotion of Leslie Frazier to head coach has the fanbase looking for a lot more success in 2011. The Vikes still have a lot of talent, on both sides of the football.

Moving over to the Lions... we've witnessed what can occur with a football team when you don't have Matt Millen running the show. The lions ended 2010 on a 4-game winning streak, and, much to the chagrin of Bears fans, added another stud defensive lineman (Fairley) to play along side Suh.

I'ts too early to make any definitive guesses as to how the NFC North will stack up this year (once FA opens up, we'll have a better shot at it), but what is your gut instinct telling you right now? Will the Packers dominate everyone? Have the Lions added enough talent to make a run? Will the Vikings quickly get back on track? Have the Bears done enough to repeat? Vote now.