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George McCaskey officially takes over as Bears Chairman of the Board

In a business model that will stand the test of time, the Chicago Bears announced that owner Virginia McCaskey's son George has officially taken over the role of Chairman of the Board.  This transition from Michael McCaskey was announced about a year ago, but was not to take place until after this year's Draft.

On his new role with the team:

"I don’t see any dramatic changes," George said. "My role will really be as a sounding board, an advisor if Ted wants me in that role; as a representative of the family, of ownership and the board; and to create as positive of an environment as possible. The way I see it my job is to work with and in support of the president and CEO in creating a climate that’s conducive to sustained success."

President/ CEO Ted Phillips will still be charged with running the day-to-day operations of the team, and McCaskey's role will largely be nothing more than a brand ambassador both publicly and within NFL circles.  

If George can curry favor with league officials (perhaps a phone call to Baltimore would be a good place to start), and help fortify the team's image in Chicago with the fans, then I'd consider him to be doing his job.  

And while more eyes are typically on Jerry Angelo and Lovie Smith regarding the operation of the team, I've still got my eyes on Ted Phillips.  He is, after all, the one who is responsible for the product being placed on the field every Sunday.

Congrats, George.  Go forth and conquer.