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WCG Pick 'Em Contest: Week 4 Winner Announcement

What?  We never said when we'd announce the winner.  Out of 39 entries, the breakdown is as follows:

5 correct guesses: 2 members (including one who chose based on cuteness of mascots)

6 correct: 3 members

7 correct: 16 members

8 correct: 10 members

9 correct: 5 members

10 correct: 1 member

11 correct: 1 member, and your winner for this week...

BearFan611 - Congrats to you!  For this contest, you only missed the Browns beating the Bengals, and the Jaguars beating the Colts.  Are you a wizard?  Email me your address, and I'll make sure we get your prize mailed out in the next couple weeks.  (Told ya I'd get around to it!)

Honorable mention: snley - You were the lone member who got 10 correct guesses.  Tip of the helmet to ya!

Dishonorable mention: BearDown34 - You only got 4 correct guesses.  Even a girl who was picking based on cuteness of mascots did better than you.  Haha!


At some point I'll get around to Week 5.