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Lockout Victim: Death To Rookie Minicamp

Normally, we have Free Agency. Following that the draft. Then we get to see the first football action of a new season in Rookie Minicamp.

This year, though, there's a small problem. The NFL doesn't want to let players in, and that includes all of their
drafted rookies, and minicamp invitees.

Noted reporter and football enthusiast Brad Biggs discussed the decidedly unfortunate demise of the rookie minicamp this afternoon at Chicago Breaking Sports this afternoon:

Typically, the Bears sign about a dozen undrafted college free agents and then extend invitations to two dozen or more players on a "tryout" basis so that they have close to full-squad workouts during rookie minicamp. It allows coaches the chance to evaluate more players while giving the draft picks a dress rehearsal for mandatory veteran minicamp.

So really, are they missing a lot? No, it's not world ending. However, this is a nice taste to get fans excited, and a great opportunity for coaches to build some rapport with the new picks, and always a chance for an undrafted rookie to make a splash. Given we're not sure when Free Agency will occur, or what could happen, it'd be a nice opportunity to get some alternative options going forward. As with the rest of this season, though, we'll continue to have to wait and see.