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Ditka: "It's a Power Struggle"

When Ditka speaks, we listen. The Denver Post talked to the Bears icon; follow me below the jump where we look at his comments on the labor issue and brain injuries, among other subjects.

On the labor issue:

"I think to a degree, it's a power struggle, I really do. Egos have gotten in the way of reason. I think common sense would be much better served if people would just think about the situation, think about where they're at as players and owners in life, and try to make this thing work."

On head injuries:

"When I played the game, we had a very simple plastic- shell helmet with a foam rubber padding inside of it. Then they moved to a suspension helmet, and the helmet today is almost a weapon. It's a heavy instrument that really takes all the fear out of striking with your head. And I think this is where a lot of the head injuries are coming from."

Take a look at the rest of the article, then come on back here and tell us what you think of da Coach's comments.