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Chicago Sports Thoughts: Bears and beyond...

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The last time I did a Chicago Sports Thoughts post, the Chicago Blackhawks were still playing hockey (stupid Canucks).  They faced an uphill battle as the 8th seed, they fought valiantly, and they nearly pulled off the miraculous finish, but...  stupid Canucks...  With no mass exodus expected this off-season, the Blackhawks will remain mostly intact, and will be back next year.

In the mean time, the Chicago sports market still has it's NBA team alive, their two baseball teams playing, and around here it's always football season.

1)  The Blackhawks had a slow start to their season due to the new faces that they had to incorporate.  Next year, they should hit the season rolling. 

2) The lack of another player, besides Derrick Rose, that can get his own shot is really starting to effect the Bulls.

3)  It was good to see Carlos Boozer get his offense going in game 4.  He needs to be in quick attack mode when he touches the ball.  Don't wait for the defense to settle in.

4)  I don't think the White Sox should fire Ozzie Guillen.  They won't have the worst record in the majors all year, will they?

5)  Can John Danks get some offensive support?  Sad, 0-5 with a 3.83 ERA...

6)  In the last 7 games the Cubs Carlos Pena has raised his batting average 31 points.  Next step the Mendonz Line!

7)  Did anyone think Alfonso Soriano would be leading the league in home runs at this point in the season?

8)  I really don't get the hubbub surrounding Mike Martz's comments regarding Caleb Hanie and his new rookie QB.  Much ado about nothing.

9)  Speaking about the Bears backup QB situation, this is from Dam Pompei's Bears mailbag in regards to the Dan Lefevour pick last year and the Nathan Enderle pick last weekend:

Dan LeFevour is gone and there isn't anything anyone can do about it. The Bears wanted another developmental passer, so they drafted Nathan Enderle. Nothing wrong with that. To review, this what happened with LeFevour. The plan all along was to have him on the final roster as the third quarterback. But Caleb Hanie got hurt and played in only one preseason game. The Bears had a new offensive coordinator in Mike Martz, and he had not seen enough of Hanie to feel comfortable with him as his No. 2 quarterback. But the Bears didn't want to give up on him, either. They subsequently decided to sign Todd Collins to be No. 2. That left Hanie as the third and LeFevour off the 53-man roster, but the team hoped to sign him to the practice squad. The Bengals ruined that plan by taking LeFevour on their 53-man roster.

To blame the Bears or Mike Martz for the decision to expose Lefevour to waivers is ridiculous.  Stuff happens...   

10)  The whole botched trade between the Ravens and Bears is a waste of time.  If Jerry Angelo came out and said he felt bad about how things went down, and shipped them a draft pick for the hell of it, Bears fans would be even more pissed at the situation.  Stuff happens..  Memo to Baltimore: Have a back up plan.