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NFL Lockout creates an interesting student-teacher relationship

Colin Kaepernick, the former Nevada QB drafted by the San Francisco 49ers, will begin learning his new NFL offense from Stanford QB Andrew Luck.  The link, of course, is Jim Harbaugh.  While Kaepernick cannot begin working out and meeting with 49ers coaches during the work-stoppage, he will begin learning from Luck, who chose to stay in school for his senior year at Stanford.

"I'm going to try and pick his brain as much as I can and try to get a jump-start into this offense, and pick up as much as I can from him."

Granted, I'm no NFL historian, but it's hard to imagine a previous scenario where a current NCAA player tutored an NFL player, especially at the QB position.

Maybe Gabe Carimi can start learning Mike Tice's blocking schemes from Tice's wife Diane, who is friends with Carimi's mother Alayne.