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The NFL Lockout easily explained

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I like things easy and simple to read.  Bullet points, an outline form, or some bold headings always make for smooth reading.  Especially when the topic is as confusing as the NFL Lockout.  It's easy to say they are fighting over money, and that it's the Millionaires vs. the Billionaires, but it's much deeper than that.  Which is why I was pleased to find an article on that broke down all the issues surrounding the lockout.  2011 NFL Lockout IssuesEven that title is plain and simple.

Make sure you hit the link above and check out the list of easy to read issues as outlined by CBS Sports NFL Blogger Will Brinson.  Understanding the NFL Lockout is as simple as understanding these 10 things, Revenue Sharing, Size of the ‘Pie', Financial Information from Owners, Rookie Wage Scale, 18-Game Schedule, Salary Cap, Player Safety, State of the Union, Semantics, and Longevity.  That was easy enough...

And in case you'd like to see a timeline of the 2011 NFL Lockout, click here.