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2001-2010 All-Bears Team: Running Back

If there's one thing we like here on WCG, it's a good sports debate. If there's two things we like, it's a good sports debate and talking Chicago Bears. And if there's three things we like, it's a sports debate about our Chicago Bears and a "place-in-history" discussion. Hence, the 2001-2010 All-Chicago Bears Team, as will be voted on by you, the WCG member! And we'll begin with the running back position.

The only rule is this: there are no rules. You vote once, and feel free to back up your reasoning. All eligible players are an option, so vote however you will. If your choice isn't listed, say it in the comments (and of course, check that option!).

And please, keep it civil. I'm done, the floor is all yours.