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Filed under:'s Bucky Brooks has 2 Bears in his top 31-50

Lists, lists, lists, everyone has lists this off season.  I guess it's a good thing, as it gives us something to talk about during this lockout induced boring as heck month of June.  The Top 100 lists are a popular topic thanks to the NFL Network, and their player voted rankings.  Their analyst Bucky Brooks is going to list out his top 50, and after the jump we'll see what two Bears are on his list so far.

From his article on

46. Lance Briggs, LB, Bears: He has long resided in the shadow of Brian Urlacher, but those within the game understand his value to the Bears' defense. He has excelled as the designated defensive playmaker with the ability to create disruption against the run or pass. His numbers took a slight dip last season, but he still provided the impact plays that have become his trademark since arriving in Chicago.

It's good to see Briggs up this high.  He sometimes gets overlooked as the weak-side linebacker in the Tampa 2 system is set up to make plays, but Briggs is just a damn good football player who would kick ass in any scheme.

42. Devin Hester, WR/PR, Bears: He might not be ready to function as the Bears' No. 1 receiver, but he deserves a high mention on this list solely based on his spectacular return skills. He ranks as the most prolific returner of all-time and has become the game's biggest difference maker despite receiving limited touches. With 10 combined returns of 40 yards or more and three punt-return scores in 2010, Hester continues to prove he is a big play waiting to happen with the ball in his hands.

He had Hester ranked higher than DeSean Jackson and that, I'm sure, got some Eagles fans riled up.  I like what he said about Hester, "a big play waiting to happen", that is simply a perfect description.

My guess is he'll have Julius Peppers listed at some point, but I'm not sure he'll have Brian Urlacher up there.  What do you guys think?