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NFC North Watch: Is Driver Driving to the Hall?

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Three months ago, Ndamukong Suh said Detroit can go 16-0. Yesterday, he said the same thing. He also said "If you don't want to be a Super Bowl team, what are you playing for?" Three years ago, the Lions were 0-16. Now they're talking Super Bowl? What is in the water up there? ... Also in the article, Nick Fairley said he wants Suh to be his mentor, and Suh says he just wants to show Fairley the ropes and be more big brother than mentor.

Brandon Pettigrew says he's down to about 255 pounds, from the 265-270 he played at last year. Also, Nate Burleson underwent minor elbow surgey. According to Dave Birkett of the Detroit Free Press, occasionally, Burleson's elbow would swell up to "today, it looked like a softball." The operation was to remove a bursa sac and drain fluid. This year, it will be easier for Burleson to do his Pettigrew-lifting sessions.

Donald Driver is thinking big. The veteran receiver got his first Super Bowl - once again, gag - and now he's looking at more franchise receiving records and, yes, the Hall of Fame. Forty yards makes him the franchise yardage leader. Twelve touchdowns ties him with Sterling Sharpe... but still far short of the franchise mark for touchdown catches. He never has flashy numbers, but he's definitely one of the more consistent receivers in NFL history - breaking the 1000-yard mark in 8 of the last ten seasons including three Pro Bowl appearances. Hm, this might be a reason to talk to my ol' roommate. I'm not sold on Driver the HOFer.

Also in Packers news, Mark Tauscher says his shoulder is fine, but he's not sure if he's sticking around. The 11-year veteran lineman said "I'm just rehabbing my shoulder and trying to play some golf... When the lockout ends I'm sure I'll get things figured out, one way or another, and see where we're at."

On the Viking front, Ray Edwards' boxing career is on hold. His scheduled June 24th bout with Larry Butler was cancelled when Butler apparently backed out, according to ESPN1500 AM. Unlike Ravens safety Tom Zbikowski, this won't be his last hurrah, as Edwards still intends to focus on boxing if he's given an RFA tender from the Vikings.

And for all the hubbub of Percy Harvin not working out with Christian Ponder earlier, he still plans on working with Ponder. Harvin just doesn't seem to be hurrying as fast as he's known to on the field. "We texted each other a few times... We hope to get together in the near future." From the "That's cold" file, "He could have simply said he had a migraine." I kinda wish I'd come up with that first.