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The Chicago Bears Play in the Second City. For You, Who's Next?

Well, first of all, helmet tip to Lester for the premise for this post.  Second, I’ll modify any great idea any time I can.  I’m a teacher, it’s what we do.  So Les wanted to know who you hate.  I want to know who you can’t  help but like.  Who do you cheer for when you aren’t cheering for that Bears.  Is it a team?  Are there a few players?  Fantasy football guys or something more?  Outside my Bears there aren’t many but I have a few.  I’ll share them after the jump.


First of all I have my "next best" team.  While I’d never under any circumstances whatsoever want them to perform well against my beloved (even in fantasy football), I do enjoy watching them play and find myself pulling ever so slightly for them to be successful.  For me it’s the Baltimore Ravens.  I love this team.  Tenacious defense.  Truly gritty.  Hard hitters who predicate their success on tightly played defense.

As far as players go I have two.  The first is Ray Rice.  He’s so much like Matt Forte.  This originally started out as a fantasy football thing but now I find myself loving this guy on the field.  He can run elusively, he can run with power and he can flat out catch.  He’s the Ravens Forte and I thoroughly enjoy him.

The second is Andre Johnson.  The man is an absolute beast at wide receiver.  He’s one of the finest in the game. The guy can out run, out leap and flat out play most any corner he’s up against.  And he does it all quietly.  He’s not a prima donna.  He’s the anti Dieon Sanders.  He’s the anti Ochocinco or TO.  He’s everything that is right with star players in the game today.  He may never become Jerry Rice but he’s certainly in his mold.  Leave it all on the field and let your game speak for itself.  

I gave you mine.  Anyone you admire from afar?  Any non Bear that you think plays it well and plays it right.  Got a team that you like to see win when they aren’t playing against our Bears?  Any teams you secretly admire?  Open up..... I’m Dr. Phil.  Er, Dave....