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Jay Cutler and the Offense working out 3 days a week

Last night after Devin Hester was named #32 in the NFL Top 100 players list, he called in to the Top 100 Reaction show to talk about his ranking.  Warren Sapp asked Hester, "where's your quarterback been", and Hester responded by saying he and his fellow receivers, as well as the tight ends and running backs have been working out 3 days a week with Jay Cutler.  Good to see the skill players are still getting together, and that the media is still none the wiser.

The lockout will end at some point, and the Bears have to show up in as good a shape as possible, and with as much of the timing down as they can.  The coaches will have a game plan for as soon as they're allowed to get to work, and the more the players get done on their own the more the coaches will be able to fast forward through stuff.  Midway Jay and his offensive teammates need to get through as much of that Mike Martz playbook as possible.