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A look at the Bears off season schedule for 2011

So far the NFL off season has been nonexistent. There was a brief glimmer of hope back in late April, but the appeal process ended all that jazz. The Lockout continues... Here's what the Bears have lost so far:

March 4th - Free Agency Begins
April 11th -
Original start for Voluntary off season workout program
May 6th-8th - Rookie mini-camp
May 9th - Voluntary off season workout program
June 3rd-5th - Mandatory veteran mini-camp

Also keep in mind that the Bears never officially announced when they were going to hold their OTA's. In 2010 they held 4 OTA's, all in June. Still to come on the off season schedule are;

July 23rd - Training camp opens at Olivet Nazarene University
August 6th - Hall Of Fame Game

Lets hope something is done so camp can open up. The players have been working out and the coaches have been getting together, but no contact is allowed between the two.