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Still room for improvement for Devin Hester

There's still room improvement for Devin Hester on offense. Yes I know I'm stating the obvious, but it fully came to my attention watching the highly popular NFL Network the Top 100 NFL Players of 2011. Being rated the 32nd best player in the NFL by his peers is quite the accomplishment for Hester, but then you have fans and media weighing in on his placement. I have read and heard silly things like Hester is too high on the list, because he's not as good of a receiver as he is a return man; he shouldn't be that high, and even some saying he shouldn't be on the list at all. I totally disagree with all these NFL fans that share this opinion on Hester, and in my opinion these people should be sent to a NFL re-education learning camp in Quebec (Emceed by Rich Eisen). At 28 years old, Devin Hester has a golden opportunity to put the return touchdown record far within reach. Going into his 6th season he still has the speed, combined with his quickness and field vision (his main strengths), so 20+ touchdowns on kick returns or even greater than that is not too far-fetched.  

Although Hester's spot is well deserved, I honestly feel that the darts being thrown his way because of his placement wouldn't have been thrown if the Bears figured out how to use him on offense. Maybe the light has finally went off in GM Jerry Angelo and Head Coach Lovie Smith heads that Hester will never be that elite #1 WR that they envisioned since 2007. Towards the end of last season, Hester snaps at WR were cut down to have him focus more on special teams and get Earl Bennett more opportunities in the passing game. This year we should most likely see Martz's original vision on how he wants to utilize Hester in his scheme. Instead of using him as a primary wide receiver, he could now be used as a versatile weapon in the mode of how Martz used Az Hakim in his system, and how Sean Payton uses Reggie Bush in New Orleans system.


Hester has the potential to be a touchdown machine when you think about his impact on special teams and his potential on offense if used right. From 2007 to 2010, the Bears should have drafted or found a #1 primary receiver and used Hester as a versatile weapon that you can line up all over the field. The good thing is that at 28 years old, they still have time to do this; and if I'm Angelo, I will go hard after a Sidney Rice or Braylon Edwards etc, to help Martz with this vision. The All-Time Return TD record holder was destined for greatness the minute he put on a pair of cleats and football pads. The Bears still have time to fully cement his hall of fame status by using his skills properly.