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Oh, Brett, we'd love to see you on the field again...

Recently, Brett Favre commented on what he has left in the tank... His reply:

"I can still throw the ball as well as I ever have.  No question about that."  Of course, statements like that in recent years led to his inevitable return to the game of football.  The guy could still sling it, and his body wouldn't let him walk away.

Alas, Favre has finally seen the light, and has admitted that "I don't want to put my body through that anymore."

It's undoubtedly a bittersweet ending to an amazing NFL career for Favre, and, for once, a desire for Bears fans to wish he'd take the field for one more season.  Sure, we never wanted to face Favre until his beard turned gray and his body fell apart, but it sure would be nice if we could line up against him a few more times.

Oh, for one last chance to see Favre take the field...