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The Chicago Bears May Look to Free Agency for a Guard. They Won't be the Only Ones.

First off, a somewhat reluctant tip of the helmet to PSDB's for the idea for this post. Just doing my job. Secondly, the link to the story this is based on can be found here. Thirdest, if you think the Bears will look to free agency to pick up a guard you're probably not alone. There is talent available. But guard could be a high demand, high price position. Take a look at why after the jump.

As the article discussed, not many guards were taken in the draft in 2011. It wasn't a particularly great draft for the guard position. That means that teams that need talent at the position (*cough* Bears *cough*) will be looking towards free agency to address the issue. And should 4 and 5 year players become free agents there is plenty of talent to be taken.

The quality of four- and five-year players is excellent: Justin Blalockand Harvey Dahl of the Falcons would enter the market, as well as Davin Joseph (Tampa Bay), Deuce Lutui (Arizona),Daryn Colledge (Green Bay) and Marshal Yanda (Baltimore).

The supply is there but so is the demand. With guys like Logan Mankins getting the franchise tag (with a salary equal to the average of the top 5 paid offensive linemen) the bar for salaries for these free agents becomes quite high.

Get ready to see a few guards sign seven-year deals with $10-15 million in signing bonuses and a four-year average salary close to $8 million.

The Bears might be active in free agency, maybe even actively seeking one of the guards mentioned, but will they pony up? Will the Bears pay big money for a big name? They did it with Peppers but that's at Angelo's pet position. Will they do the same for the O-line? Your thoughts?