Brandon Manumaleuna is the least efficient pass blocking TE

Note: My first fan post, please let me know how to improve them (Editor note: not bad for a rookie)

As you know, we signed Manu basically to add another guard-sized person to our anemic offensive line. Our fine friends at Pro Football Focus have been busy pounding out lists that are actually interesting (and as an added bonus, not completely made-up) during this football-free time, so lets see how Manu did (short answer: poorly).

Its good to remember why we are here in the first place. Martzfences reliably produce big sack totals due to the longer times the QB holds on to the ball and so extra consideration is given to pass blocking. In Manu's own words (as to his purpose in coming to chicago):

"Seal the edge, protect the quarterback and be there when the quarterback throws the ball."

(source here.)

As far as protecting Jay is concerned, last year was an unmitigated disaster for all punctuated by his injury in our final game of the season. As far as where Manu stacks up (and those who think I'm typing Manu instead of his full name because I'm lazy and afraid of misspelling it are right):

From PFF, from 2008-2010 (so not just as a bear)


Rank 1 (from bottom, so worst)
Pass Blocking Snaps, 429

Pressures, 52

Pass Block Efficiency, 9.82 (source of rank)

Source article, as always a good read, can be found here.)

"Ouch" and "I went blind reading this" and "where's the Evan Williams" are all pretty reasonable ways to cope with these numbers. And in the spirit of adding insult to injury, he was paid $6 million last season to be a cosmically ineffective specialist. The pain goes down in that regard in the next few years:

Brandon Manumaleuna


$2 million signing bonus
$1.055 million base salary
$3 million roster bonus
$50,000 workout bonus
Total: $6.105 million

$1.495 million base salary
$1 million roster bonus
$100,000 workout bonus
Total: $2.595 million

$1.95 million base salary
$100,000 workout bonus
Total: $2.05 million

$2 million base salary
$100,000 workout bonus
Total: $2.1 million

$2.05 million base salary
$100,000 workout bonus
Total: $2.15 million
Contract total: $15 million, five seasons

(source is here.)

For comparison, Greg Olsen is due to make 900k next year, and Kellen Davis (who, while not as big as Manu is very large) is set to rake in 550k. Lance Louis is getting paid a house in Northbrook ($395K) and has previously played as a tight end feared by buffets everywhere.

(source: the Internet :))

Full disclosure, after rewatching the season via the glory of bittorent, Manu looked, well bad. Bad bad. I know he had surgery but still managed to have terrible numbers over a span before that so if the 2 million he'll make can be extra cabbage to lure Nicks or Braylon, I'm sure Lance Louis can fall down and miss assignments (the rewatch proved this to be true) at a bargain rate. So what do you think Manu's future with the Bears will be? Is he really on the post-surgery upswing? Time will tell.

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