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What's up with the rest of the NFC North?

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We thought we'd take a peak around the SBNation sites of the Chicago Bears division rivals to see what they are talking about.  Call this the Anti-Bears Den

First up we'll see whats shaking over at the Pride Of Detroit.

They seem a bit perturbed that Lions receiver Calvin Johnson will be ranked in the 21-30 range of the NFL Top 100 Players list.  70% of their readers believes he should be higher

They still think Matt MIllen is the worst thing in the NFL.  Have they not heard of Trent Dilfer?

Their NFC North Fan Favorites series is on to part 2.

Over on the Daily Norsemen...

They had an exclusive interview with their offensive coordinator Bill Musgrave.

They are wondering if rookie QB Christian Ponder should start or sit?

And they think Jim Kleinsasser is awesome.

And meanwhile at the Acme Packing Company...

They are discussing Super Bowl rings... and Super Bowl rings...

... and wondering if the absence of running back Ryan Grant held their 2010 offense back...  oh yeah, had Grant been healthy they would have really, really won the Super Bowl!