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The Bears have only 1 position on their O-Line set

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To many of us Bears fans, we look at the Bears offensive line situation and see (besides poor play) a couple young tackles in Gabe Carimi and J'Marcus Webb, a couple veterans with center Olin Kreutz and right guard Roberto Garza, and a left guard spot that we hope Chris Williams can take hold of.  But if we step back and look at the situation.  The Bears really only have one starting spot presumably accounted for, and that's Garza at right guard.

Earlier today Pro Football Weekly ran an article talking about the limited time the Bears may have in setting up their o-line.  From a national perspective the line is up in the air.  Even though it seems the Bears plan on bringing back Kreutz to play center, he's still a free agent.  What happens if the Bears fail to resign him?


We assume the tackle position will shake itself out, but if Webb is to make the transition to the left side, he'll need time to acclimate himself to that spot.  If Carimi is to start as a rookie on either side, he'll have to get plenty of reps vs. NFL quality players.  I'd love for him to step in day one and impress, but there will still be a learning curve.

Then we have Chris Williams.  I think we all assume he's an interior lineman now, but were they happy enough with his development last year at left guard to let him open up there?  Quality free agent guards aren't that plentiful, and the time teams will have to woo them will be quick. 

I think the best case scenario from a continuity stand point would be if Carimi would win the LT position, but until they get some OTA's in, or camp opens, it's hard to say.  From the PFW article:

Carimi could slide in at left tackle and four-fifths of the starters would return at their same positions. At this juncture, however, Roberto Garza's spot at right guard seems to be the only position that is settled.

I am SO ready for some football.