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2001-2010 All-Bears Team: Wide Receiver #2

Of course, before we begin the next round of voting, we always like to tell you what the results of the prior voting are...

At the Tight End position, Dez Clark has defeated Greg Olsen.

Many of us were surprised that Clark was the one benched most of last season with a case of "Contract-Won't-Hurt-To-Bench-itis," but after starting in six games in his first four years in the league, Desmond Clark came in in 2003 and solidified himself as both a good receiver and blocker. He is tied for eighth in games played as a Bear with 110, and is ninth in receptions with 242 and 20th in yards with 2639.

Now, let me explain how the last two skill positions are going to be done... First, we're putting a second wide receiver on the field, cause that's typically how a starting eleven go... Tomorrow, we'll do the quarterback poll, then in the middle of the week we'll do a "best of the rest"/"flex"/"wild-card" position.

Now, onto the second wide receiver.

The first three should surprise no one, as they were in the #1 Receiver poll.

Bernard Berrian: Drafted in 2004, spent four years with the Bears. Caught 150 balls for 2197 yards and 13 TDs. In 2007, caught 71 balls for 951 yards and 5 TDs.

Muhsin Muhammad: Longtime Panther spent three seasons with the Bears, from 2005-2007. Caught 164 receptions for 2183 yards and 12 TDs. In 2006, posted a 14.4 YPC while catching 60 passes and 5 TDs. (Yes, I caught and fixed the typo.)

Johnny Knox: Fifth-round draft pick bonus from the Cutler trade. In two seasons with the Bears, has caught 96 passes for 1487 yards. Posted an 18.8 YPC in 2010.

And we are adding a couple new entries, now that all you Marty Booker voters get to re-enter your votes:

Devin Hester: Led the team in receiving in 2008 and 2009; has 2196 yards in his four-year receiver career with 168 receptions.

Earl Bennett: Sat out 2008 as a "redshirt," caught 100 balls in the last two seasons for 1278 yards.

Those are your additions, ladies and gentlemen. And as always, if you don't like any of the options presented, vote "Other" and explain in the comments!