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Happy Father's Day from WCG!

I'm nowhere near as eloquent with this kind of stuff as Dane is - I don't know if it's the whole running-the-site/experience thing, the being-older thing, or both. But I'll give this a try.

Fathers get a tough rap sometimes. "Wait till your father gets home!" "Your father will have some words for you!" But the father is one of the two key figures that raises a child. Throughout a child's life, a father takes on many roles. He has the role of a counselor, an adviser, sometimes a sheriff if you've been grounded (not admitting anything...), a friend, a teacher... The list goes on. He's one of the major influences on the values you learn, the way you grow up, and hey, if you're here, he's probably the one that taught you football!

I guess I can share a couple stories about my own, who I am still blessed to have with me. Not that he has any quotable Ghandi lines, hilarious stories, or anything, but how he is a friend, a disciplinarian, and a hard worker rolled into one. From the times we spent in our basement playing Super Mario Bros (yes, back on the original Nintendo), to the times where he would play referee to my and my brother's one-on-one basketball games, when he went on about his high school football career and how I bettered him on the basketball court in career points (okay, so it was seven to four in my favor, but still!), he hasn't stopped pushing me. His coaching of my brother's local All-Star baseball team got me into baseball score-keeping, and I used that to get my first actual job in the local Little League as the official scorekeeper. Not just because it was fun, but also because it taught me responsibility, accountability, and of course the value of work.

So from my little perch here on this corner of the interwebs, thank you, Dad, for everything. They're memories I'll never give up and values I'll try to pass on myself.

So do something special for your father today, even if it's taking him out to lunch, giving him a hug, or even a long-distance phone call. And if you have lost yours way too soon, remember them fondly. And if you yourself are a father, Happy Father's Day, and thank you for the role you play in your child(ren)'s lives.