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2001-2010 All-Bears Team: Who is Our Quarterback?

You can vote on the teams' #2 Wide Receiver over here, but while that's going, let's get started on a position that's had no shortage of candidates and yet during the period was probably the most stable it's been in twenty years. It was hard work going through the entire list of candidates to find the four pseudo-finalists, but in the end, after many late hours and several cups of coffee, I've got the four after the jump...

Jim Miller: Miller spent four years with the Bears. His first two weren't particularly remarkable, but his last two (hey, 2001 and 2002! Whaddaya know?!) warrant his inclusion here. Completed 408 passes on 709 attempts for 4,243 yards and 26 touchdowns, with 19 interceptions. He was sacked 27 times over those two seasons.

Rex Grossman: After showing a couple signs of promise in his first season after coming in relief of Kordell Stewart and Chris Chandler, his next two seasons were an injury circus, with 2005 growing the "Kyle Just Wins" legend. But when given the starting role in 2006, Grossman was on fire, earning Offensive MVP for September. He went on to finish the season with 3,193 yards, 23 TDs and 20 INTs. 2007 saw him come in relief of Orton when Orton was injured, and in seven games posted 1,411 yards and 4 TDs to go with 7 INTs.

Kyle Orton: A fourth-round draft pick in 2005, Orton was pressed into starting duty after an injuries to Rex Grossman and Chad Hutchinson in the preseason. That Bears team went on to finish the season 11-5 and take the NFC North, as Orton threw for 1869 yards and 9 TDs with 13 INTs. After sitting out 2006 on the bench, Orton was again called into duty in 2007 and won the starting position in 2008; his 2008 season saw him with 2,972 yards, 18 TDs and 12 INTs.

Jay Cutler: Cutler came to the Bears when Jerry Angelo traded the Bears' 2009 first and third round picks, the 2010 first rounder, and fellow QB Kyle Orton (see how the last three are all tied together? See what I mean by "most stable period"?) for a young Pro-Bowl QB out of Denver and a fifth round pick (Johnny Knox). Over these first two years in Chicago, Cutler posted 6,940 yards with 50 TDs and 42 INTs while being sacked 87 times - his 52 sacks taken last season were more than his entire Denver tenure combined.

And as always, if you don't like these options, vote "Other" and tell us who you'd rather see!

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