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Behind Enemy Lines: A cure for Packers Fever?


Now that I've officially been a Wisconsin resident for a couple weeks, I wanted to give a quick update on how things have been going.  Just swimmingly. My commute isn't nearly as bad as I feared, and after a tweak to my work schedule, it's actually a little shorter.  But there's still the Pack factor...

That picture to the right was some sidewalk chalk art courtesy of my 9-year old neighbor.  Her 5-year old brother was the one gallivanting around my house on move in day wearing his Packers jacket.  So far they've really enjoyed themselves in talking about the Super Bowl Champion Green Bay Packers.  A great couple of brats, er, kids.

These little rapscallions came about their Packers rooting interest all on their own.  Their parents could give a rip about football.  In fact, their dad told me the only thing he cares about in regards to the sport, is that Brett Favre would go away and stay away.  However he used much more colorful language (i.e. swear words) in expressing his distaste for Favre.  Funny how even non-football fans have a loathing for him?  But this got me to thinking...  If the little buggers didn't learn to love the Packers from their parents, where did they pick it up?  Did they catch some sort of Green and Gold Fever from their classmates?  Is there a Packbonic Plague epidemic running rampant in Wisconsin schools?  If there is Pack Death approaching, then surely I'm immune. 


But maybe I'm more than immune.  Maybe my Chicago Bears DNA holds some sort of scientific or cosmic key to cure the disease of Packer fandom.  Maybe my aura emits a navy and orange radiation that can lure kids away from the dark side.  The picture to the left is from the same 9-year old.  She chalked it a few hours after her initial "Packers Rock!" graffiti tag.  Is her fever breaking?

Come to think of it, I haven't seen her little brother's Packers jacket since that 1st day...

Yoda once said;  "You must unlearn what you have learned."  I know you don't usually see the word "learned" associated with Packer fans, but hear me out. Yoda goes on to say,  "Once you start down the dark path, forever will it dominate your destiny, consume you it will..."  Is my Bears Force altering destiny?  I must be chock-full of Ditka-chlorians to cause such a quick transformation.

If these kids caught some sort of Packer Flu, then it makes perfect sense that they can be cured.  Am I that cure?  If they fell into the trappings of the Dark Side can they be saved?  Am I the chosen one to lead them into the Light?  Am I taking this entire thing a bit too far?  Perhaps.  But look at the 3rd picture taken of the beautiful art work from the same little 9-year old angel.   Such a drastic metamorphosis after spending just a small amount of time in my presence...  Da Force is strong in this one...