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More Chester Taylor speculation

I'm on record as saying I doubt Chester Taylor will be cut.  He didn't have his best season last year, but it wasn't nearly as bad as some make it out to be.  He was put in bad situations from time to time which hurt his numbers.  Then when he took over as the short yardage guy, a role he isn't suited for, his numbers took another hit.  Kevin Siefert of wrote about Taylor in his recent NFC North blog.

Taylor, as we've pointed out, was the NFL's first post-merger running back to average less than 2.4 yards per carry on at least 100 carries in 2010. 

I think Harvey Unga should be the short yardage guy next season, with Taylor playing a few series each half to spell Matt Forte.  The only way I see Taylor being cut is if he's clearly outplayed in training camp, and with a shorter than usual off-season training program, the odds of someone coming in and outplaying the veteran are slim.

Taylor got his big money last year, and there really isn't a financial reason to part ways with him.

Taylor received more than half of his $12.5 million deal in 2010 compensation. He's due a relatively affordable $1.275 million in 2011, a decent price for a veteran backup that the Bears could still avoid paying if they released him after training camp.

I think the insurance he can bring as a veteran back far outweigh any financial relief you'd get by letting him go.  The Bears carried 4 backs last year, and will probably do the same in 2011.  Kahlil Bell could fill the Garrett Wolfe special teams role, and Unga will need to play in that phase as well.