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Lovie Smith's "Four Quarters of Football": The Poll Results

Over the last several days, we've been running polls relating to Lovie Smith's viewpoint that a football season is broken into quarters. Say what you will about Smith's approach to the game of football, but his simplistic, even-keeled ideology has won over his players during his tenure in Chicago.

Based on approximately 800 votes, we've tallied what WCG's cerebral community has decided would be the Bears record for the 2011 NFL regular season (provided there is one).

You can check out the polls here:

- Quarter 1

- Quarter 2

- Quarter 3

- Quarter 4

After doing a quick tally of the most votes from each poll, it looks like the majority thinks the Bears will finish 2011 with an 11-5 mark. Definitely a good record, but would that be enough to win the NFC North? If not, would 11-5 secure a Wild Card for the playoffs?

After reviewing the schedule again, is 11-5 plausible?