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3 Free Agent Guards that make sense for the Bears

With some optimism coming out of the secret meetings that a new CBA could be reached sometime next month, I decided to take a look at 3 OG's that make sense for the Bears. If the Bears really do plan on re-signing Olin Kreutz and are set at RG for the 2011 season with Roberto Garza as Les mentioned, it's not too farfetched to think that OL coach Mike Tice might have a vision that 4 of his 5 OL starting positions could be set with LG being the only question mark. With that thinking, I explore 3 FG OG's that could make sense for the Bears.

Justin Blalock, Atlanta Falcons

Blalock has been a fixture in one of the best pass and run blocking lines for quite a while now. He was an instant starter the minute he suited up for the Falcons and has improved each season. He's not a very athleticly gifted guard, but he's technically sound and according to has no weakness in his game. Teaming Blalock up with last year interior line starters Olin Kreutz and Roberto Garza would give the Bears a good mix of young talent and veteran presence. It would be a good look in this shortened off-season to have veteran guards next to 1st year tackle Gabe Carimi and 2nd year tackle J'Marcus Webb.

David Baas, San Francisco 49ers

Baas played last season for the 49ers at C, but his natural position is at LG where he played at up until the 2010 season. Baas is a little older than Blalock but he's still an effective veteran starting guard who specializes best in the run blocking department. Teaming him on the left side with Carimi could present the Bears with a formidable weak side running attack. If the Bears opt to go after Baas instead of a guard like Blalock, it would give them more room to go after a top Free Agent WR like Braylon Edwards, in addition to addressing other positions and resigning some players to new deals.

Deuce Lutui, Arizona Cardinals

Lutui had a down year last season when he had to switch positions from LG to RG to make Alan Faneca happy. Lutui is still a pretty good starting offensive guard in this league and at 6'4 338 pounds he fits the prototype of a Mike Tice offensive guard. Lutui is a pretty good run blocking OG and his pass blocking is just as good. Like Baas, signing Lutui might leave you with a little more money to address other needs the Bears have on the team.

All three guys would help the Bears in 2 different ways. Blalock would be a great addition to insert next to Carimi, but might leave you with less money to address other issues on the team. Baas and Lutui are cheaper options and although they're not on the same level as a Blalock, they're still good starting OGs who will leave you with money left over to target a top free agent WR and other pressing needs.