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The Bears Den: June 22, 2011

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"...where In a moment, you'll begin to feel light-headed, then drowsy. Don't resist, it's so gentle, like slipping into a warm bath."

Goodell hoping to play full season | Larry Mayer: After meeting with NFL owners Tuesday at the Westin O’Hare, commissioner Roger Goodell said that the league remains committed to ending the labor dispute and not missing any games.

NFL owners: NFL owners on same page after meeting in Chicago - Dan Pompei and Vaughn McClure: Commissioner briefs owners on progress in negotiations with players union and expresses optimism for fair deal.

NFL proposal reportedly features 16-game Thursday night schedule - Dan Pompei: A 16-game Thursday night TV package reportedly is among the parameters of a new collective bargaining agreement.

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Bears’ Earl Bennett: Cutler looks ‘awesome,’ offense on schedule - Chicago Sun-Times Justin Albers: Bears wide receiver Earl Bennett is preparing like it’s a normal NFL offseason.

NFL Owners Meet; CBA Proposal Details Out | NBC Chicago | Grizzly Detail Maggie Hendricks: At the end of today's owners' meetings in Rosemont, the Commish is hopeful.

Felony charges against Ex-Chicago Bear Garrett Wolfe dropped - ESPN Chicago Jeff Dickerson: Florida authorities opted not to file felony charges against Wolfe.

Free-agent implications for (presumed) CBA - NFC North Blog - ESPN Kevin Seifert: If the CBA is written as expected, these players below would join the unrestricted ranks.

Power Rankings: Rising assistant coaches - NFC North Blog - ESPN Kevin Seifert: Who will comprise the NFL's next batch of head-coaching candidates?

Three Years of Pass Rushing Productivity: Interior Defensive Linemen | Khaled Elsayed: These ratings, like the others, are not just for 2010, but will also cover the past three years.

Traces of a deal? | National Football Post Andrew Brandt: Owners emerge from meeting; on to Players for potential CBA.

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