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Are you ready for some Thursday Night Football?

As Pete linked in today's Den, a 16-game Thursday Night TV package looks to be part of the new CBA. This looks to have come about as an alternative to the 18-game schedule that the owners were hoping for, but the players wanted absolutely nothing to do with. The revenue from a new Thursday TV deal will offset the revenue that could have been generated from creating 2 more regular season games.

I don't like the idea. I don't mind the traditional Thanksgiving games, and I didn't mind when they added the third game that night, because who isn't sick of seeing the Lions and Cowboys every year. But I didn't like when they added the rest of the Thursday night games to the season.

It's not that I don't enjoy watching more NFL football, because I still watched, of course I still watched! I just think the quick turnaround for the players and coaches is unnecessary. I like my NFL football on Sunday and Monday night, with the occasional Saturday sprinkled in, is a middle of the week night really needed?