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Filed under: Best plays in Soldier Field History

This is kind of a neat feature is doing, they are highlighting a few of the greatest moments in some of the league's oldest stadiums.  Since Soldier Field opened in 1924, it qualifies.

Click the link so see the interactive way they displayed these moments, and take the jump to see my boring list...

The Fog Bowl gets a video link as it was their 3rd best weather related game of all time.  For those not aware, this was the Eagles @ Bears playoff game from 1988.  The Bears won.

The Bears fan that jumped out of his seat to catch an extra point in 1995 made the cut.  He's an idiot, but he made the catch, so he's a talented idiot.

Before Devin Hester ran back a field goal in N.Y., Nathan Vasher did it against the 49ers in 2005, in what was one of the windiest weather games I've ever seen.

Mike Brown's second OT game winner (back to back style)  took place in Chicago in 2001.

The year 1985 had to be represented, and the fumble return by Wilber Marshall in the playoff game with the snow flurries falling made the list.  Da.  Bears.

And what greatest Bears moments would be complete without a mention of Sweetness?  Walter Payton became the NFL all time leading rusher on October 7, 1984.

What are some of your favorite Soldier Field Memories?