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2001-2010 All-Bears Team: The Flex Skill Position

Another couple days, another couple poll results.

In the Wide Receiver #2 battle, by almost the slimmest of margins, Johnny Knox has edged Muhsin Muhammad.

The second-year receiver had 960 yards last season, and with another year of development in the Martzfense and more experience of what it means to play receiver in the NFL, will likely be the first Bear to break one thousand yards receiving since Marty Booker in 2002.

In the Quarterback bat- er, rout, Jay Cutler took home the prize with 66% of the vote.

In just two years as the Bears quarterback, Cutler has already risen to eighth in Bears history in passing yardage, and his 50 TDs tie him for sixth with Jim Harbaugh, with 14 less interceptions than Harbaugh. Another 13 will tie him with Erik Kramer and Ed Brown for fourth, and from there it's only another four to tie the Punky QB himself, Jim McMahon. And his 18th TD on the season would tie him with Billy Wade for second. Think about that - in only his third season, Jay could have the second-most passing TDs in Bears history.

On a side note, am I the only one noticing four of the five voted in so far had places on last year's team? Anyway, on to the flex position after the jump.

Now some of you might be wondering how I arrived at these four - simply put, the RB vote was tight between Forte and Thomas Jones, the TE vote was tight between Dez Clark and Greg Olsen, and the WR #2 battle was pretty much a five-way free-for-all. So to arrive at four, we take the RB that wasn't voted in, the TE that wasn't voted in, and the top two receivers that weren't voted in. So with that, here are your four candidates:

Thomas Jones: Signed by the Bears before the 2004 season, and in 2005 and 2006 got his first two 1000-yard seasons, en route to a Super Bowl appearance in 2006. His best year was 2005, where he finished with 1335 yards and 9 TDs while being the primary workhorse for QB Kyle Orton.

Greg Olsen: First round pick in 2007 as a primary receiving tight end. Over four seasons, has caught 194 pases for 1981 yards and 20 TDs. His best season was in 2009 under Ron Turner, when he caught 60 passes for 612 yards and 8 TDs.

Bernard Berrian: Drafted in 2004, spent four years with the Bears. Caught 150 balls for 2197 yards and 13 TDs. In 2007, caught 71 balls for 951 yards and 5 TDs.

Muhsin Muhammad: Longtime Panther spent three seasons with the Bears, from 2005-2007. Caught 164 receptions for 2183 yards and 12 TDs. In 2006, posted a 14.4 YPC while catching 60 passes and 5 TDs.

And as always, if you have a different RB, TE or WR that you feel deserves to be put in consideration, put them in the comments and vote other!