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2001-2010 All-Bears Team: Left Tackle

And of course, we'll start this edition by finishing out the skill position players...

Thomas Jones wins the Flex Position.

The strong rushing attack Jones provided balanced out the risk-taking and deep-ball ability of Rex "Unleash The Dragon" Grossman all the way to the Super Bowl, but the year before with Kyle Orton he was essentially the offense. After his three years as a Bear, Jones is fifth in rushing yardage behind Rick Caseres (3rd), Neal Anderson (2nd), and two guys named Payton and Sayers. He's a welcome addition to the 2001-2010 Team.

Now, we move to the offensive line. Follow me after the jump to our candidates to protect Jay Cutler's blindside.

Mike Gandy: Third-round pick of the Bears in 2002; started eleven games his rookie season between LT and LG, played 14 games at LT in 2003.

John Tait: Signed from Kansas City before the 2004 season; played RT in 2004 before manning LT from 2005-2007. Started 44 out of 48 regular season games at left tackle

Qasim Mitchell: Undrafted free agent out of North Carolina A&T, started 14 games at LT in 2004.

Blake Brockermeyer: Signed as a free agent with the Bears in 1999, and protected Jim Miller's blindside for all 16 games in the 13-3 2001 season; also recovered two fumbles that season.

As always, if you feel like someone else needs a mention or deserves to be the guy, vote "other" and get his name out there!