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Filed under: will face the wrath of Ditka, his Mustache only named 4th best

There seems to be a problem... listed it's best mustaches in the history of the NFL and the hairy upper lip of Mike Ditka came in fourth. Yeah, you read that right, 4th! Blasphemy. You can see the picture of his follicle adornment in all its stachetastic glory by clicking here. They did throw a bone to Bears fans by considering Walter Payton's nose neighbor, which you can see here, but 4th place for the moustachioed Mike Ditka is unacceptable.

Maybe Adam Rank, who compiled the list at didn't realize the popularity or the respect given to Ditka's Moustache?

I find it perplexing that a day after the one year anniversary of The Superfans Present: Truths About Da Coach!, which posted on June 22nd 2010 on Windy City Gridiron, that Adam Rank would reveal his list. That's like a slap in the face to Iron Mike, a slap that shall not go unpunished. You know you can follow the Ditka mustache on Twitter? In three places no less! MDitkasMustache, ditkas_mustache, and DitkasMustache! Does Adam Rank even now what Twitter is? (You can follow WCG on Twitter here!) There's even a WCG member with the name DitkaStache.

Does that Adam Rank fellow think he's some sort of a smart aleck for always ranking stuff on his column. Oh look everybody, Adam Rank is "rank"ing... smartass... Is Rank even his real name? Here's a couple Truths from the above mentioned Truths About Da Coach for him to rank next time out.

1) Mike Ditka's beard doesn't grow out of respect for The Moustache.

You read that Adam Rank, R-E-S-P-E-C-T.

8) His Moustache has it's own P.O. Box, and it receives more fan mail than all the Cubs and White Sox players combined.

Have you ever received a piece of fan mail Adam Rank? This 4th place travesty needs to be amended. And soon...