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Carimi Talks Left Tackle, Nicknames, Superheroes to NFL Network

Gabe Carimi sat down with the NFL Network's Frank Tadych on Friday. We've already seen the very personable side of the Bears' new offensive line monster, but there's some good stuff here too. Follow us below the jump for some highlights of the interview.

Let's get the important stuff first...

Presumably you have a lot of time on your hands during the lockout. How are you filling the hours?
GC: Well, I’ve been training. That’s the biggest part of my day, to get 2, 3 hours of training, and I’ve been in about an eight-week cycle since the draft, which leads up until now. This is an off week, which is why I’m able to visit. It’s just about working out and learning how to play golf.


Do you anticipate being the Bears’ left tackle when the season starts?
GC: Honestly, that’s my goal because it’s a high-value position. But, whatever the team’s needs are, that’s what I’ll be. Wherever they start me and is best for the Bears.

At the combine, you said you were the best tackle in the draft. Do you stand by that?
GC: Honestly, I do. I feel that way. It’s just how I feel and about the confidence I have. It’s based on my opinion. The Bears felt I was a good tackle and deserved to be drafted in the first round, and I’m just happy where I’m at.

For those who are just dying to know...

There seems to be some confusion over your nickname. I’ve seen "The Jewish Hammer" and "The Bear Jew." Which one is it?
GC: Probably both. But "The Bear Jew" is probably more recent, and it’s obviously more fitting now.

 Who’s your favorite super hero of all time?
GC: That would be the Incredible Hulk.

Paging Dr. Taylor. Dr. Taylor, to the courtesy phone please...