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Top Ten Things I Won't Ever See on WCG

Cool building.  Let's storm it if we don't get a regular season In Game Thread!!!
Cool building. Let's storm it if we don't get a regular season In Game Thread!!!

I love this site.  I truly do.  My day begins with a quick glance over the threads.  It progresses with periodic checks on my threads (1 to 2 daily) and finishes with a glance at my e-mails and one last look at WCG.  In other words, I eat, breathe, and, well, let's just say I eat and breathe it.  I've been around for a few years.  Not as long as some, but longer than most.  I've begun to notice a few trends.  Since I don't tend to see the cup as half full (I actually think the cup's not adequate) I've decided I'd comprise my list of the top 10 things I don't think I'll ever see on WCG.  This is intended to amuse and not offend.  So if you find yourself offended, please check your sense of humor and ("joke you!" if you can't take a.... "joke")

1.  Honey Bear saying anything critical of the Bears head coach.  I love the woman and her editorial skills (minus the recent unfortunate headline snafu) but this woman loves her Bears.  And right or wrong she loves her Lovie.  

2.  Eric D (You know who you are)  "my last name is waaaay too long" guy ever taking a week off from posting.  Or maybe even a day.  This man is shooting for the record.  And I for one admire it.  Keep throwing out those posts young man.  Eventually this will become the Eric D (my last name is waay too long) Gridiron and we'll all be saying, "Dane who?"

3.  Adam T becoming a consistent contributor.  Right now many of you are saying, "Who's this Adam?"  He's the guy who made this site, this site.  Weird, right?

4.  Maelvampyre actually writing a fan post.  The guy consistently bats .950 on the In Game Threads but rarely makes an appearance in the off season.  So much talent, so few posts....

5.  Lester A. Wiltfong Jr. ever posting anything irrelevant.  If you read nothing else on WCG, read everything by Les.  That is all.

6.  Robert Rence for once and for all coming completely out of the closet and admitting that he's TOTALLY one of us.  The guy's slightly misguided, but this is one of the finest posters to ever grace the WCG threads.  He ought to be made to take some sort of oath (I smell a new post) and officially become a full fledged (whatever that is) member at WCG.

7.  Consensus on the performance of Jay Cutler game in and out.  Forget about it.  This guy is either a mistake prone, ill-mannered, quarterback or else he's the second coming of our lord and savior and his offensive line and wide receivers are to blame for every move he makes, every vow he breaks, we'll be watching him.....

8.  Spongie will eventually give up as the unappointed grammar police when it comes to phrases such as "core" when referring to the "corp" of our receivers. As in, "the corp of our receiving core will be essential in our progress this season".  Somewhere in the British Isles a brain synapse just juxtaposed itself.

9.  Smudgers and I will ever make a truly relevant contribution to this web site.  That's simply beyond our realm, our sarcastical land of satirical nonsense wherein he is king and I am.... queen...prince?  That didn't come out right.  But in the land we exist in....well, you get the point.   

10.  People giving up on the In Game Thread.  The thread is my love child. I didn't create it but I adopted it, nurtured it, and helped it develop into the kind of thread I saw it had the potential to become.   It will once again rise.  We of "the thread" will live again.  Do you hear me Allie?  Maelvampyre?  SJS_illini?  DaHamsta, Cosmis, LostinSTL,  Et. Al.? Are you warming up?  Stretching?  Sharpening your wits?  Our day will come again.  At least it better, or the In Game Thread moves up to #1 on this list and no one, and I mean no one, wants to see that happen.