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Chicago Bears offense practicing "4 or 5 times a week"

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A couple weeks ago Devin Hester said the Bears offense was working out three days a week while being interviewed on NFL Network .  It garnered very little press, but WCG had something up about it.  Now Chicago wide receiver Earl Bennett is talking about their workouts, from

Wide receiver Earl Bennett said the offense has been practicing four or five times a week to continue getting familiar with Mike Martz's offense.

Four or five times a week, and there still hasn't been any media coverage of the workouts.  I like it.  The Bears offense needs the work, with or without a defense, they still need to work on timing.  We've talked about it before, but the more offensively they can get into, the shorter the learning curve will be once the coaches can get to work. 

Even though the coaches haven't been allowed contact, that doesn't mean they aren't mentally preparing themselves.  And it looks like sure handed Bennett has been on the mind of offensive coordinator Mike Martz.

"We didn't throw it to him enough," Martz said. "That will be remedied. He will figure in a much larger role than he did last year. He came to us late. He was injured. I wasn't really sure where he was with all the stuff. But he established himself as a guy who needs to get a lot more balls than he did.

"He's extremely reliable. I know (quarterback) Jay (Cutler) feels comfortable with him in the slot doing some of those things. But he should be able to play outside for us as well."

That last line really caught my eye.  I'd love for Bennett to get on the field more than just out of the slot.  If he can play split out, that gives more of an opportunity for Hester in the slot.  And if Hester's offensive role is indeed going to be reduced, I'd be all for him focusing 100% on the slot.