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Brian Urlacher wants Olin Kreutz and Anthony Adams back

A couple days ago Brian Urlacher spoke with SiriusXM NFL Radio, and Brad Biggs of the National Football Post wrote about it.  So this is technically that story to the 3rd Power.  Urlacher was asked about Chicago re-signing their own free agents, and the two guys he mentioned were Anthony Adams and Olin Kreutz.  I agree these two are critical Bears to bring back.

Urlacher from the NFP article:

"The two guys I think we gotta get - and I'm hoping I'm not leaving anybody out because we have a few free agents - but Anthony Adams and Olin Kreutz," Urlacher said. "Olin's the leader of our locker room, the leader of our offensive line. He takes all the heat, man, when things go bad up front everyone points the finger at him which is not fair. And he takes the heat, he doesn't hang guys out to dry, he takes the heat."

Taking the heat is an intangible. 

Olin will be back, as he's the best option available.

"Double A, Anthony Adams, is a great player. He’s always in his gap, he’s always up the field making plays, and he’s a great teammate. People don’t realize, man, you get these guys who, sometimes they’re turds and they’re good players and so they’re hard to deal with. He’s not. He’s a fun guy to be around. He’s a great player."

He used 'turd' as a term of endearment.

Gap integrity is a huge thing in the one gap system the Bears employ.

Get these two re-signed asap.