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2001-2010 All-Bears Team: Center

Well, if the last two polls weren't revealing about our Bears over the last decade, I don't know what is. Let's get right to it...

At Left Tackle, John Tait trounced everyone.... And then trounced them again with 87% of the vote.

At Left Guard, Ruben Brown held back the rest of the competition with 89% of the vote.

True, this decade didn't have a lot to work with, but what it did have in these two guys were a very serviceable left side of the line. And now, in the Center position alongside them, follow me past the jump where we'll add the only player to man the position full-time for them since 1999....

Olin Kreutz was a third-round draft pick by the Bears in 1998 out of Washington. After gaining the starting role in 1999, he started all 16 games, but in 2000, he suffered injuries to both his knees. He's only missed one game since that season. From 2001 through 2006, he made six consecutive Pro Bowl appearances, named to the All-Pro First Team in 2006. Want to question his mean streak? Let's ask Fred Miller about that one. Impact on the game? How about when they changed the false start rules to include the wiggling left hand that Olin often used?

Welcome to the 2001-2010 All-Bears Team, Olin Kreutz. See how easy it is when you have no competition?

Polls will start up again on Saturday, and this weekend we'll knock out the right side of the offensive line. And if you have any favorite Olin Kreutz moments or want to celebrate the glory of our Hawaiian center, comment below!