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The Eagles have minimum participation at their camp

I have to apologize right away in case you're looking for the Chicago Bears angle in this post.  There isn't one.  Sorry.  I can stretch a bit and at least give a Chicago connection, since Eagles back up quarterback Mike Kafka attended Northwestern, which is in nearby Evanston, IL.  But that's about as far as I can take it.  With as much fun as many of us Bears fans have in going back and forth with Philadelphia Eagles fans I wanted to pass this nugget along.

Some teams players are making sure the media is aware of their every move when it comes to holding workouts, and some teams are keeping things on the down low.  Some teams are holding full participation workouts, and some are limiting their mini-mini-camps to either offense or defense.  And then there's the Philadelphia Eagles latest passing camp.  I suppose, technically, all you really need to hold a "passing camp" is a ball, a QB, and a WR, so it's fortunate that 3rd string QB Mike Kafka had a ball with him, and that the lone Eagle teammate that showed up to Thursday's "passing camp" was wide receiver Jeremy MaclinGame on...


The link:   Two to tango: Kafka, Maclin only Eagles at passing camp, that takes you to the article titled Attendance at Eagles' passing camp dwindles with Vick gone, in which you can find the quote from Eagles receiver Jeremy Maclin (the bold is mine):

"I look at it as in when you have a passing camp, I think, the guys that should show up are the quarterback, running back, tight end and receivers," Maclin said.

Yes, a "passing camp".