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Late Night Thread - Favorite Trick Play

WIthout having any statistics to back it up, I would guess that the Bears are one of the teams most fond of the ol' trick play. We've had the legendary direct snap to Garrett Wolfe, Brad Maynard passing to Brian Urlacher for a touchdown, with the occasional fake punt or fake field goal thrown in for good measure. Let's look at some videos of some of the better trick plays in football, and take a vote for your favorite "Did that just happen?" trick play.

The most recent innovation in trick-playology is the Stonehenge, as seen here in a Texas high school football game. Basically, the players will stand around like they are waiting to get set, and then the center either snaps or simply hands the ball to the quarterback. The defense, not realizing that the play is live, will just sort of stand around as the QB either takes the ball himself or launches a pass downfield. Not sure if it would fly on an NFL level, but I'd still like to see it attempted sometime.

Then there is the classic Statue of Liberty, as seen here in the 2007 Fiesta Bowl. The quarterback takes the snap and fakes a pass, then hands off the ball to another player while still holding the ball back as if to pass. A nice little piece of trickery, if I do say so myself.

There is a wide variety of weird ones out there as well - plays like the "granny pass" and the "who just took that handoff?" play. Then there are all the classics: the flea flicker, reverse, the halfback pass, and the joy that is the WIldcat. Vote in the poll to pick your favorite and go YouTube crazy in the comments if you're feeling tricky yourself.