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Bigger picture: Chicago Bears Management, Volume 2 - The President

Take a look here for the surprisingly close results of Volume 1- The Owners.

Up next- Ted Phillips. Say what you will about the hiring process used to bring Phillips on board, but the GM's boss is the team President. This is an interesting position to consider.

We all know that every boss has a boss (outside of the owners), and they will make decisions based on what the owners want. Phillips is probably not exempt from this. So, let's say his decisions are influenced on what his bosses want, and the expectations he hands down to Jerry Angelo include what his bosses order.

Then you have the theoretical domino effect: Phillips influences Angelo, who influences, Lovie Smith... and so on.

But, the President undoubtedly has a lot of flexibility as well. That's when you have to wonder how much influence Phillips' orders impact Angelo's day-to-day decisions. How much, we won't ever really know. But Phillips is tasked with a huge responsibility that without a doubt guide his direct report.

With that being said, looking back at the years that the McCaskeys, Phillips, and Lovie have had together, how much does Phillips get credit for (be it praise, or criticism)?