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Nightmare Scenario: Cheesehead with a gun

<strong>Concealed from left to right; Snubnose .22, .357 Magnum, Glock 19</strong>
Concealed from left to right; Snubnose .22, .357 Magnum, Glock 19

And here we thought the battery throwing idiotic fans were the biggest issue in stadiums.  The recently passed law in the state of Wisconsin allowing people to carry concealed guns has Green Bay police flummoxed.  They're not sure if they can legally stop fans from packing heat when entering Lambeau Field.  This is one of the most absurd things I've ever seen.

So here's the skinny...  The NFL has a policy that prohibits fans from entering any stadium with a gun, but according to Pro Football Talk, Lambeau Field is technically owned by the City of Green Bay and the Green Bay/Brown County Professional Football Stadium District.  The NFL may not be able to enforce the policy because the stadium isn't owned by a private company.  Yee haw...

The Stadium District's executive director, Pat Webb, said he's not sure what the new law means.  "I don't know enough about Wisconsin's specific law to know if the stadiums are exempt or not or can be exempt," Webb said.

According to FOX11, the law does not allow you to carry a concealed gun into a building owned or leased by the state of Wisconsin, but what is Lambeau considered?

"The building itself is a government owned building, but whether it's considered a government building for the definitions of any kind of law, I don't know that at this point in time," said Webb.

This is comically stupid.  This could very well end up with a bunch of law abiding citizens that passed the necessary background checks and were in possession of the proper permits, bringing loaded guns into the stadium.  And we thought Plaxico Burress was a dumbass for taking a gun into a club.  Add some alcohol into the equation, some unruly Vikings fans, a rude remark here, a 'your momma' comment there, and before you know it Granny Gouda is pulling back her coat to reveal a holstered Colt .45 Peacemaker.

Current Ashwaubenon, Wisconsin resident and former Green Bay resident Bronson Smith said via his facebook page (comment displayed on the FOX11 site);

I see no safety issues with law abiding residents carrying legal concealed weapons into Lambeau, the People that take the time to obtain the permit,training & spend the money for both will NOT be the people you need to worry about being around your kids

I have nothing left to say...