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Don't expect the Bears on HBO's "Hard Knocks"

Last month we ran a poll asking if you'd like to see the Chicago Bears on HBO's Hard Knocks. The popular reality TV series that follows an NFL team around training camp documenting their every move. The majority of the votes were hopeful that our Monsters of the Midway would somehow end up as the featured team on the show. But one Chicago columninst believes there is no chance this would ever happen.

The Tribune's Dan Pompei opened up his mailbag and answered a question about this very subject and he was quite adamant that the Bears would never allow this to happen. He says;

There is absolutely zero chance of the Bears being on "Hard Knocks." The Bears are a very guarded organization that likes to keep its business close to the vest. The Bears try hard to fly under the radar, as opposed to being the focus of the league. The thought of having HBO cameras following coaches and players around would not sit well with head coach Lovie Smith. And really, the Bears probably wouldn't make for a very good reality series anyway. I would expect they will be a pretty boring team in terms of drama. That's just the way they like it.

I was one of those that voted yes. I'd love to see my favorite team profiled, but history tells us it's probably more of a distraction, and no team from Hard Knocks has won a Super Bowl, so... I'm OK with the Bears not being on. Hopefully they snatch up the Packers for the show.