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A Fresh Start for Zack Bowman

In 2009, Zackary Bowman won the starting job and performed fairly well alongside Peanut Tillman. Last year, his star had fallen to the point he was yanked off the field in week three. But according to Pro Football Weekly's Dan Parr, Bowman will have the opportunity to win his job back from Tim Jennings.

The Bears are going to give Bowman a chance to reclaim the starting job at left cornerback whenever the labor situation is settled and we hear they are hoping he will return motivated and win the job over Tim Jennings, who replaced Bowman in Week Three. ... 

Bowman, who battled a foot injury that sidelined him for three games last season, has more size and the team still views him as a player with great upside.

So we know Tillman will have one of the starter spots, unless his leg splits in half from slipping again. And if we get 2009 Bowman and not 2010 "pulled off the field" Bowman, the Bears will have a decent CB combination. Bowman and Jennings are both in contract years, so both have a lot to play for.

Who starts opposite Tillman in the season opener, Bears fans - Bowman, Tim Jennings, Joshua Moore, or someone that spells his name Nnamdi (or other free agent acquisition)? And if Bowman won the starting job, would you feel comfortable with him?