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NFC North Watch: Schwartz Nicknames, Vikings Quarterbacks, and Green Bay Wolves

We think the Lions might be decent this season. Apparently, they think they're already there, as we lead off this week's NFC North Watch with a few Lions tidbits, beginning with some actual football substance. 

Illinois' product Mikel Leshoure was drafted in the second round, and head coach Jim Schwartz firmly believes in there being two sides to every Schwartz regarding the Schwartz running back tandem. Now, we aren't saying Jahvid Best is Chris Johnson, but Schwartz envisions Leshoure's role on the team being similar to LenDale White.

But hold on, Schwartz apparently has his Schwartz twisted (Just saying his name makes me want to watch Spaceballs. Schwartz. Schwartz.) because he has things to say. Namely, he's already handing out nicknames. After putting out the Lion-signal for nickname suggestions for the defensive line, he announced his favorite as "Silver Crush." Probably suggested mostly for it's relevance to the old "Silver Rush" line. Other suggestions included  "The Dis-Assembly Line," "Non-Stop Motors," "Ghost and Darkness" (you'll have to read up on that one...), "Blue Thunder," and "Detroit Muscle." I'd prefer "Out of Gas," "Rusted Bucket on the Side of the Road," or "The Webb-Carimi Car Cube."

In other Lions news, NFL agent and possible eater of babies' souls Drew Rosenhaus said via Twitter that safety Louis Delmas played the entire season with a "severe" groin injury. No word on whether or not the injury was sustained rushing all the way across the field as the only man in the secondary.

On to another team, as Vikings head coach Leslie Frazier continues to worry about his quarterback situation. I can't say I blame him, but the issue is more about Christian Ponder's preparedness as opposed to his actual ability. "What you don't want to do is put a guy in harm's way to the point where his confidence is affected for the future," Frazier says. I'm not worried about Ponder knowing the playbook - I mean, he's only seen it forty or fifty times. I'd be more concerned with his timing and his offensive line, although I'm sure there's a lot Webb can teach him about running (away) out of the quarterback spot.

As we told you last week, Jared Allen told the Minneapolis Star-Tribune it was unlikely Ray Edwards was coming back. So if we're going to find out about OLB Ben Leber, it only makes sense to ask OLB Chad Greenway, which KFAN did on Wednesday. Greenway said "I would say there is a better percentage of him not being here than him being here. But then again, that's not my hope." Well, I suppose it's a step up from last week's "I'm going to kill me a rat."

North of the Cheddar Curtain, we find Packers' lineman Scott Wells getting his blocking buddies together, including Chad Clifton and Josh Sitton, for three days of workouts in Tennessee. Wha' about dat All-In Krutz bum, why ain't he doin' dat?! Ahem, sorry about that.

Also in Packers news, the son of former team general manager Ron Wolf, Eliot, has been named assistant director of player personnel. Eliot's in his eighth year in the Packers organization, and according to PFT and his bio on the Packers site (yes, I double-checked), has been contributing to scouting since watching film with his dad at age ten. He's worked 18 consecutive drafts and Combines, and interned with three different teams in nine years - and is 28 years old. I could insert a "Move out of Dad's basement" joke here, but that's pretty solid for a 28-year-old. 

No Dilfer-bashing this week, but there is a note out on the Green Bay Press-Gazette about ticket sales.

And to close out, happy trails to Ahman Green, who after posting a "so-so" season for the Omaha Nighthawks of the UFL was cut by the Montreal Alouettes today after he showed up to training camp with a hamstring injury, three months after the team signed him to compete for a starter's position.